Parc machines


Epson proofer printer

A so-called flat proof is printed on an Epson proofer printer, which is certified for printing on art paper, for accurate control of the colour scheme of envelopes, covers or individual pages.


Computer to plate (CTP) is technology for direct imaging to printing plates by laser.

PBtisk a.s. owns a high-quality Heidelberg Suprasetter imaging machine for B1 and XL plate formats.


Offset printing machines

HEIDELBERG Speedmaster XL 105-5L

Five-colour offset printing machine with a coating unit for formats up to 1020x720mm in size.

HEIDELBERG Speedmaster 102-2

Two-colour offset printing machine for formats up to B1.

Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 52-4

Anicolor Diese modernste und universale Druckmaschine benutzen wir für den Druck von Buchumschlägen und -bezügen, sowie für den Akzidenzdruck. Das Maximaldruckformat ist 370 x 520. Anicolor zeichnet sich durch recht kurze Rüstzeiten und dadurch eine minimale Makulatur aus. Darüber hinaus ist die Druckmaschine naturfreundlich.


Hard cover bookbinding line (V8)

Hard covers are finally processed on a Kolbus Litera book binding line.

Adhesive bookbinding line consisting of a Kolbus ZU 841 gatherer, KM473 adhesive binder and a HD 152(V2) three-knife trimmer

Given its output, this is our most modern machine in the finishing department, with an output of 800 cycles per hour. PUR and Hot Melt adhesives.

Cutting lines

German made Polar/Mohr cutters and cutting lines of theGermanycompany. Our machinery includes a proud representative of the Czech company Adast which is used for complementary cutting work.

Folding machines

We have four of the latest Heidelberg Stahlfolder folding machines.

Bookbinding machine

The formatting range is covered by further hard cover manufacturing machines, and offers the manufacture of products from miniature cover formats for 100x100 mm blocks to large atlas covers for 300x375 mm blocks.

Book sewing machines

Our bookbinding department is equipped with three Italian made high performance Meccanotecnica Aster book sewing machines.

Wire stitched bookbinding line (V1)

For the manufacture of V1 binding – i.e. a block stitched by a wire hook. We use the German made top performance Heidelberg ST100 stitching machine. The machine’s formatting range is 90 x 120 mm (width x height min) - 300 x 345 mm (width x height max).

KamaPro Cut 74 cutting machine

Produces all sorts of cuts up to B2 format.

Currently the machine also performs perforating, creasing and scoring of right-angle cut paper sheets.
We use a laser die for a high-quality manufactured product.

KamaPro Fold 74 folding/gluing machine

We assemble and complete the cut-out dimensions on the folding/gluing machine.

stroje-obr1 - medium
Tiskový stroj Heidelberg SM102