Before the print itself, it is possible to make a galley proof, which helps us, the producers but also you, the customer, to supervise the future result. Depending on the aspects stressed during the pre-check, we can make a galley proof focused on colour and page montage, from which the final impression of the entire publication can be monitored. In this case, we make a model of your book or brochure which you can take home or to your office and comfortably leaf through as through the actual book. The last, rather unique opportunity for supervision is simulation of the future print sheet, where it is possible to check the montage of individual elements (pages, additional printouts, jackets etc.) on the print sheet.

Several special colours designed for this purpose are used for manufacturing the control printouts. We work with print units from the manufacturers EPSON. TECHKON and X-Rite measuring technology help us regularly control the quality of prepress processes.



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