PUR Paperback

This is the most commonly used type of binding, designed for products which are not to be used frequently and long-term.

A usage example: magazines, annual reports, catalogues, paperbacks.

Two kinds of glue may be used for this binding type:

Hotmelt (molten glue) – standardly used; cheaper but a less quality variant

PUR – more expensive but higher quality variant, which provides stability also in the event of heavy mechanical stress, or using coated and printed paper which usually doesn’t hold together using the common molten glue. Excellent stability is also provided at both very low and very high temperatures, when common glue fails again and loses its positive characteristics.

Advantages – lower production costs, simpler and therefore faster production

Disadvantages – shorter lifespan due to weak materials and the glue used as the binder, poorer opening quality, unsuitable for manuals when the reader must work with a machine or a tool at the same time.




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