Paperback Sewn in sections

This is a type of binding suitable for purposes when higher mechanical stress but not frequent use is expected. (It was formerly labelled V4). An example of use: travel guides

Hotmelt glue has traditionally been used for this kind of binding. PUR may also be used, the same as with a glued brochure, if it is assumed that the brochure will be used in extreme temperatures. Pros – lower production costs, simpler and therefore faster production. Cons – shorter lifetime due to weaker materials, lower opening quality. It is therefore unsuitable for manuals when the reader must work at the same time with a machine or an object. Because of the sewing technique used, the brochure's spine is thicker than the block, which negatively influences the aesthetic impression. This effect increases with the number of pages. Only publications not thicker than 30mm are recommended to be bound as sewn brochures.

Vazba V4 - medium

Vazba V4 1 - medium


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