Casebound sewn in sections

The hardbound binding is also known as the V8 binding. It is the most elaborate and most sturdy type of binding. Production takes slightly longer and is more expensive than with other types of binding, but its lifetime and attractiveness surpass the other binding styles many times. This type of binding is composed of the inner block and hard book covers, bridged by the front and back endpapers. This type of binding is generally used for all kinds of publications for which long-term use is expected. It is in primary use for picture publications and all kinds of literature. Special variants are also suitable for, e.g., travel guides. The book may be protected by a jacket which may complement it both aesthetically and content-wise; the book may also contain one or more reader bookmarks.

Hardbound binding may be categorized according to the covers used and the type of spine. Variants of both may be combined at will. The category of cover type chosen will influence chiefly the aesthetic impression the book makes, while the category of spine influences the sturdiness of the binding and the production price.

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